Friday, April 5, 2013

Pure Energy

       Pure Energy -  Omri Malca - Israel

"Pure Energy" aka Omri Malca born in 1984 and live and grouw up in israel .Omri started to listen to trance music in the ear of 97 and afected by the trance melody psychedelic and the goa artists.


    Somnesia - Christophe Grossel - France 

Somnesia aka Christophe Grossel is French melodic goa trance producer, born in 1980. It's in summer '96,he discovered Goa Trance (on radio) and in 1998 he collects CDs.


            Minomar - Mario Michio Minowa - Japan 

Phant Om X

         Phant Om X - Denis Tolstov - Russia

 Musician since 2005. Participated in a variety of styles and bands (punk, rock, pop, metal, alternative, etc.) as a guitarist. Since 2008, became interested in electronic styles, including goa psy trance. Currently we are working on his own tracks and mixes!


       Metamorphosis - Pieter Behets - Belgium


       Jagoa - Jago Boerman - Belgium

  "Jagoa" is Jago Boerman's Goa Trance project. 4 years wandering on the Belgian goa scene,  making music for 1 year. 19 years of age (:


    Evelyn - Ilana Bar Rashi - Israel

"Only a Psychopath would..." a Goa single made by young Israeli trance artist Evelyn (Ilana Bar Rashi). Ilana has a rich background in a variety of musical instruments and in the last few years she found trance music the best way to combine all instruments and knowledge together to one piece. In the future planing to release a special project: "Union of the Light Tribe", witch will include high sound frequencies calculated mathematically in order to create a sense of connection between all listeners.