Friday, April 5, 2013

Goalogique Records

    Goalogique Records

 Goalogique Records is a Belgian label, releasing Goa trance. Goalogique Records was set up in the 2012 by Bora Sencer Bilgin (Goalogique) to show new real Goa sound to people. Philosophy of Bora and their friends is to share and enrich life by making Goa trance.  People needs to hear good sound and so we believe that Goa trance can meet this requirement.

  Goalogique (Bora) has started a never ending alternative music searching process at young ages (1995) and added to his collection more than 500 original Rock, Punk, Electronic, Metal, Melodic Death Metal CD. He worked as DJ at some bars between 2003 and 2005. His music searching process has jumped size with SOULCLIPSE festival that he went at 2006 and it continues on a new line.

  Until 2006 he focused all his interest to Psy Trance and followed it at all over the world. He adopted the Old school, New School Goa and Fullon styles and archived more than 200 GB Psy Trance projects. He went more than 8-10 big festival in Europe, more than 30-40 Psychedelic parties until 2013 March. 

  He finished ''VA - Cosmic Guide'' cd album.  Ezel-Ebed records will release it.

  Nowadays he found very good new Goa tracks from good musicians and try to make his own album with Goalogique Records brand.

     Up To Next Step cd album camming soon.


       Carbon - Rastislav Ac - Slovakia

His 1st contact with psytrance was in summer 2004 at Pacha Mama Ritual party organised by Cosmic Dance group from Piestany. After this amazing experience, he was totally fell in love with this kind of music, which causes goosebumps. Next years he attended almost every event, which he could. After some years (cca.4-5) he decided to try making some tunes. So he took his little piece of musicality & start the trip across the world of frequencies of psychedelia...

Pure Energy

       Pure Energy -  Omri Malca - Israel

"Pure Energy" aka Omri Malca born in 1984 and live and grouw up in israel .Omri started to listen to trance music in the ear of 97 and afected by the trance melody psychedelic and the goa artists.


    Somnesia - Christophe Grossel - France 

Somnesia aka Christophe Grossel is French melodic goa trance producer, born in 1980. It's in summer '96,he discovered Goa Trance (on radio) and in 1998 he collects CDs.


            Minomar - Mario Michio Minowa - Japan 

Phant Om X

         Phant Om X - Denis Tolstov - Russia

 Musician since 2005. Participated in a variety of styles and bands (punk, rock, pop, metal, alternative, etc.) as a guitarist. Since 2008, became interested in electronic styles, including goa psy trance. Currently we are working on his own tracks and mixes!


       Metamorphosis - Pieter Behets - Belgium